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Something I am really passionate about is creating my own work. Through the powers of YouTube, iMovie, Tik Tok and Instagram I have been able to live out some silly moments- all of which were conceived from my strange brain. Below is a rough overview of some of my greatest hits including information about my one woman shows, Halfway to Fifty and A Very Dellis Holiday.  Hopefully, you giggle a little bit.

Halfway to Fifty

On the eve of my 25th birthday, I put on my own one woman show. It combined stand up, music of all genres...and me. It was the greatest moment of my life. 

Due to the success of the show, I was invited to do it all over again! On August 27th there was an encore performance.  Both performances sold out and I was even brought onto The Steve Cochran Show on WLS-AM to discuss the show. Scroll down! Both this interview and the trailer for the show are below.

halfway to fifty.jpg
Photo Jun 04, 9 29 15 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 04, 9 15 40 PM.jpg

FEEDBACK FROM HALFWAY TO FIFTY (I did not make these up, people actually said this stuff!) 

"You'll laugh, cry, smile endlessly, and crave subway- it's the show everyone is talking & singing about" 

"Like an entire SNL show, only consistently funny and with no awkward musical guests" 

"It was so good I actually cried" 

"I haven't laughed so hard in a long time" 

"Saturday Night Live and Second City please find this person. You need her." 

Due to the success of Halfway to Fifty, I was asked to create a brand new show celebrating the holidays. A Very Dellis celebrated not just Christmas but ALL the holidays of the year through stand-up comedy and music.

The performance sold out and was met with acclaim. 

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Hosted by Rebecca Marowitz and Laura Dellis, Tunetown is a podcast about music of all genres. Join us as we break down albums, list our faves, and discover new artists. This podcast is filled with laughter and LOTS of banter- so buckle up besties!

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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