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Laura Dellis*

*a person just trying to do what makes her happy


Thank you for wanting to get to know me! Ever since I popped out, I've known theater is something I've always wanted to do- and I love that you want to learn more about that! 

I moved to Chicago five years ago in order to pursue a B.F.A in Musical Theater at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts. I graduated with Suma Cum Laude Honors. Am I bragging? Yes, yes I am. I worked hard for it- so I will shout it from the rooftops. Yay! 

Comedy is another huge passion of mine. Along with theater- Saturday Night Live and stand up have been standards of my life. The more comedy I watch, the smarter I feel as an actor. I have trained at both iO and The Annoyance.

Recently, I completed sold out performances of my one woman shows, Halfway to Fifty, Halfway to Fifty..2 and A Very Dellis Holiday. Click the "Projects" tab to learn more about this and other projects I have created. 

I recently signed with Actor's Talent Group!

Anyway, if you want to learn more- click the "about me" tab! I am just trying to follow what I love and find my own version of success. If you would like to get into communication with me, click the "contact me" tab. 

See ya soon!

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coming up:

halfway 52 october poster.PNG

Laura is back and older than ever. Join her on October 13th as she looks back on her 26 years of life through stand-up comedy, singing and self- depreciation. What more could you ask for? Probably a lot- but that doesn't matter. just come!

Buy Tickets Here:

Listen to an interview I did for a previous performance on The Steve Cochran Show :


I am a proud member of the BeyHive (Beyonce's fan club).

I have been to DisneyWorld eight times. I have no shame about it, and I mark it as one my highest accomplishments.

I have watched The Office consistently since middle school. I know everyone considers themselves a fan of this show. I am here to say, they are fakes (sorry) and I am the real thing. 

I don't have to wait in line at Subway- I just come in, and they make my sandwich. I consider myself a platinum member.

I think if I met Vince Vaughn we would be best friends. It's just a feeling- you know? 

I often describe myself as a "human muppet." It has confused many a boy on the dating apps. 

My Hydroflask water bottle is my best friend. We are very happy together. 

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