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Laura Dellis



Thank you for wanting to get to know about Laura! She is absolutely thrilled you're here as she is always craving attention- so you viewing her website will surely make her day. 

Laura moved to Chicago five years ago in order to pursue a B.F.A in Musical Theater at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts.  Since then, she has been making herself known in the theater and comedy scenes of Chicago. ​She has performed at The Second City, The Annoyance, iO, Zanies, Laugh Factory and Logan Square Improv. She is a proud member of Motorcycle Rocketship Sketch Team and Offbrand Funeral Band improv. 

Over the last three years, Laura has completed sold out runs of her one woman shows, Halfway to Fifty, Halfway to Fifty..2, Halfway to Fifty...3 and A Very Dellis Holiday at multiple venues in Chicago. These shows combine stand up/physical comedy and music. Interested in seeing her next show? Scroll down! You can also click the "Projects" tab to learn more about this and other projects she has created. 

Laura is signed with Actor's Talent Group!

Anyway, if you want to learn more- click the "About Me" tab! Laura is just trying to follow what she's love and feel successful. If you would like to get into communication with Laura, click the "contact me" tab. 

See ya soon!

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see Laura Live:

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Laura is back and older than ever. Join her as she looks back on her 27 years of life through stand-up comedy, singing and self- depreciation.

After performing iterations of this show for the past three years, Laura is thrilled to be bringing her life back to the stage. With a Broadway World and Chicago Reader nomination for her performance in the show, it kinda sounds like she does a good job in it - and if she doesn't, she at least tried really hard to make it work. Come see comedy and live music weaved together in a way that will make you wonder, "Was that really necessary?"

The show will also feature the blessing of world famous music director, Micky York. What more could you ask for? Probably a lot- but that doesn't matter. Just come! 



It's an honor just to be nominated :)

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