Laura Dellis*

*a person just trying to do what makes her happy


Thank you for wanting to get to know me! Ever since I popped out, I've known theater is something I've always wanted to do- and I love that you want to learn more about that! 

I moved to Chicago four years ago in order to pursue a B.F.A in Musical Theater at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts. I recently graduated with Suma Cum Laude Honors. Am I bragging? Yes, yes I am. I worked hard for it- so I will shout it from the rooftops. Yay! 

Comedy is another huge passion of mine. Along with theater, "Saturday Night Live" and stand up have been standards of my life. The more comedy I watch, the smarter I feel as an actor. I recently started improv training at iO (formally known as Improv Olympic) . 

Anyway, if you want to learn more- click the "about me" tab! I am just trying to follow what I love and find my own version of success. If you would like to get into communication with me, click the "contact me" tab. 

See ya soon!


I am a proud member of the BeyHive (Beyonce's fan club)

I have been to DisneyWorld eight times. I have no shame about it, and I mark it as one my highest accomplishments.

I have watched "The Office" consistently since middle school. I know everyone considers themselves a fan of this show. I am here to say, they are fakes (sorry) and I am the real thing. 

I don't have to wait in line at Subway- I just come in, and they make my sandwich. I consider myself a platinum member.

I think if I met Vince Vaughn we would be best friends. It's just a feeling- you know? 

My dog has an Instagram: follow @jackhenrydellis for some of the internet's best content

I often describe myself as a "human muppet." It has confused many a boy on the dating apps. 

My Hydroflask water bottle is my best friend. We are very happy together. 

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